About Us

What we do!

Our company offers a wide range of audio, video and lighting equipment rentals for both corporate and individuals. Our equipment includes the top brands  in the industry.

We are specialised in private events and weddings in Mykonos.


Meet Us! 

George Apsis is the founder of Soundmykonos – we entertain. He is the head DJ of the biggest hotel group in Mykonos, the Myconian Collection Hotel Group. He’s been a resident dj of the legendery club Space and Cavo Paradiso.  Having more than 15 years of experience, George continues playing his sets in private events, weddings and clubs in Greece, London, Berlin etc. 


Chris is our main Lighting Jockey. Working for Soundmykonos the last two years he is providing high quality services for our events and weddings!


Christialena is working as an electrician for Soundmykonos. She studied in the university of Larissa as an electrical engineer and she had her postgraduate degree from the University of Western Macedonia.


Nikos is a technician for Soundmykonos. He studied ship engineer but he is working as a technician in Mykonos the last 7 years.


Sakela is the sound engineer for Soundmykonos. He is 30 years old and he studied sound technologies at Ant1 media lab and SAE Institute. The last 2 years he is working in Mykonos as a DJ and sound engineer.


The 10 year experience of our team, not only know what sound rental service you need (and you don’t need) but also how to troubleshoot!


Soundmykonos – we entertain is the only based in Mykonos triple awarded company from weddingwire.