A unique Wedding in Paros Island


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A Unique Wedding in Paros Island

A unique wedding against the backdrop of the endless blue of the Aegean. Impressive footage from the beloved alex stambasopoulos and the special wedding planning of naidoweddings.

Among all relevant activities, it was also time for Gina and Dan’s wedding. From the previous night, with the assistance of soundmykonos team, we got prepared and booked the first boat to the island of Paros early in the morning.

We had only basic information regarding the couple, as they never asked for an e-meeting in order to get to know each other better. In contrast when we met them at the event they were very pleasant with a huge continues smile in their faces . That made us feel confident that their three day party would be great.

Right after the meeting we left to get ready for the first, out of two, ceremony. We booked a second boat and went to outstanding Antiparos where we set up the relevant equipment. The bride came in a traditional boat whereas the groom came riding a horse for the traditional Indian ceremony.

Everything went as planned, having a great time. The same evening the rest of our team arrived from Athens and helped us set up the lightening and sound , which lasted approximately all night, while the beautiful couple were enjoying their selves with the company of their friends, music and champagne by the pool.

Regarding the following day I won’t say much and I will let you draw your own conclusions after watching the video.